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How can we engage ethical issues in public life?

This site is a way to learn about and engage in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and cross-campus project at the University of Florida to explore the ethical dimensions of controversial contemporary problems. Through teaching, research, and public engagement, we hope to develop better ways to understand what is at stake in these issues, to facilitate constructive reflection and dialogue about them, and to support effective action toward the common good.

Our project is part of the University of Florida Intersections program, organized by the UF Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere and made possible with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

News and Events

In Spring 2019, we are continuing our a series of focus groups for undergraduate students in order to identify the social issues that they would like to be able to understand, discuss, and address more effectively. We welcome participation by all UF undergraduate students.

Also this spring, we are holding a series of workshops to explore ways to think, talk, and act effectively on challenging public issues. The first workshop, “Information Literacy: Finding and learning from information we can trust,” was held on March 14th from 11:45 am to 12:35 pm, with April Hines (Smathers Libraries) and Kim Walsh-Childers (Journalism).

The second workshop, “Ethical Reflection: Thinking and talking morally about complex public issues,” will be on Thursday, March 28, 11:45-12:35, with Maddy Coy (Women’s Studies) and Ben Lowe (Evangelicals for Social Action).

The last workshop, titled “Advocacy: Building relationships with community to work on complex public issues,” will include Elaine Giles (David and Wanda Brown Center for Service and Leadership), Kevin Baron (Bob Graham Center for Public Service), Monica Gil de Gibaja (United Way), and Samantha Wolfe (City of Gainesville). This workshop will be on Tuesday, April 9, 10:40–11:30 am.

All events will be in Dauer 215. For more information, please email us at